About Viking Leathercrafts

Viking Leathercrafts was first started in 1985 by making leather armor and accessories to pay the way to medieval recreation events in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). With practice and technique, the leather craft was honed and grew, as well as the demand for our products. 35 years later, our products are still going strong and are being worn by countless swordsmen all over the world.

"We take personal pride in the craftsmanship which goes into each and every item we make. Our products are always built from top quality leather and the very best in hardware. We craft every item by hand, never using automatic riveters or sewing machines. This ensures each item is truly unique. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Every rivet set just right, every stitch sewn tight, the dye goes through a three step process, the edges are beveled round and burnished slick. If it sounds as though we are bragging, you are right, we are. Viking Leathercrafts is proud to provide fine leather crafts for you."

About Our Selections

Viking Leathercrafts takes personal pride in the craftsmanship which goes into creating each and every item we make. Each item we ship out represents us as craftsmen and we strive to better ourselves with each piece. All of our leather armor incorporates 12/15 ounce leather (approx 1/4" thick) unless you specify otherwise. Our products are always built from sought out top quality leather stock using leathers not normally found in armor making, using bridle leather, harness and top grade saddle skirting for it's rigidity and aesthetic appeal. Our leathers are hand dyed with our 3 step process which exhibits and retains a deep, rich color and lustre.

We use only the best in hardware, using stainless steel and brass roller buckles to ease in wear and tear on the 3/4" heavy straps. The heavy duty copper rivets and burrs make sure the leather will withstand the rigors of battle time and time again without fail. We cut no corners to insure that the quality and longevity of the leather work you receive are worthy of you, and of the pride in which they are crafted by the Viking Leathercrafts team.

While looking at the selections, we have tried to integrate any combination of choices you might want in all the armor and other leather work on the site. You may choose your color, leather thickness, hardware type, if you want something specially embossed, it is all listed on each item. If you don't see what you would like, or need further customization, send us an email at sales@vikingleathercrafts.com and talk to us about your questions.

With measurements, we always like to email you for the personal touch. We don't see you as an order number, but a comrade in arms that deserves personal attention. We want to get all the measurements correct and to tell you of upgrades we are offering at the time, usually free of charge.
We look forward to hearing from you and building your new armor or accessory.