Lammelar Plates Tombstone Style Black 100

Our Lammelar Plates are 3.5"x2". These 100 Plates are Die Cut to insure that each plate is exactly the same as the next. All holes have been punched for you and align perfectly with it's mate. We cut these out of 12-15 ounce English Bridle leather or Natural colored US Steer hides.  All you have to do is to lace them together to create whatever armor and whatever period you would like.

Our plates are not treated, we have left them the natural leather to allow you to customize them however you would like.

The pictures show the plates laid out as they would be laced together. It takes approximately 35 plates per square foot of area to help with your figuring. If you need an odd number of plates, please email us and we will do our best to get what you need. We can ship 200 hundred plates in a flat rate medium priority box.

Our shipping calculator may charge you a bit more, if it does we will adjust when we ship, or if you send an email, we will send a paypal invoice for the correct amount.

We keep several hundred of these in stock, but may have to cut them depending on demand.


Price: $69.99