This 14th Century Medieval Styled Laced Ankle Boot takes its inspiration from 14th-15th century boots from the numerous examples of medieval shoes and boots found in England and throughout Western and Central Europe. Medieval footwear of this type are documented in Shoes and Patterns (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London.)
These Medieval Boots are the welted (nailed) construction.   The leather used for make these boots is tanned using the centuries old oak tanning process using only natural barks instead of harsh chemicals used in modern tanning processes. This process provides supple leather with a pebbled leather finish for a nice period look.  This really brings out the natural beauty of the leather.
Made with 4-5 ounce top grain cow hide, natural leather inner soles and a thick 12 ounce leather outer sole,  Crafted by skilled cobblers, using the same techniques as their medieval counterparts, and with re-enactors in mind, our footwear is hand stitched and with normal maintenance will provide years of long service.
These shoes run true to US sizes. ** For those folks that are not used to the softness of period medieval boots and shoes and are in need of arch support, we recommend adding a modern insole. The shoes do stretch a bit, so order your normal size.
Also, for those folks needing more support as in Medieval Live Combat, SCA, Dagorhir or that don’t do well on slick bottomed shoes, we have added the rubber sole option to your boots. We have tried to keep the cost down of this option just for this purpose**

If you choose to add rubber soles to your boots, it will add approximately 2-3 weeks to the delivery time as this is a customization.


Price: $64.99
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