It is the “small details” that sets a truly outstanding re-creation soft kit apart from an average one. Period Buckles are another way to affordably add another layer of authenticity to your outfit. Whether you are a large or small person, we carry a belt to fit you. Made to wrap around your waist and leave enough length to tie in the traditional medieval style knot and have a long tail hanging down.

Made of the highest quality hand-picked 8-10 ounce bridle and full grain leathers, we hand cut, hand bevel to round off the edges and burnish the edges for a true professional look. All belts are top coated and back coated to insure a truly beautiful belt and to make sure the dyes do not transfer to your favorite costume wear. We hand dye all of our belts in the listed selection of colors.
These are not a strap just cut out and a buckle slapped on the end, these are a professionally finished belt.

Please include the total desired length of the belt.  We will also punch holes for your waist size if you include them.  5 holes total, 2 larger, 2 smaller.  If you want no holes punched, choose that option in the dropdown menu.
We are also offering an incised line that accents the belt quite nicely at no additional charge.  This is simply 2 lines along the edges of the belt to dress it up a bit.
Price: $39.99
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