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Our Knight's Belt design fits in several time periods. This 12 ounce leather (3/16") is perfect for wearing as armor, or can be worn for court or costume. The belt is fitted with an additional 1 1/2" belt going all the way around the main belt which can be used for holding all your pouches and accessories.

We also offer this belt in other leather thicknesses as well. Being a full 4" wide, it is a formidable belt. Available in several colors, this handsome belt is adorned with a simple accent line around the belt or choose other borders from the drop down menu. **Be sure to make your measurement at the belly button height.**

Take the measure of your waist at the belly button height.
**This is a made to order item.  We normally try to get these out within 2 weeks but delivery times can fluctuate with our level of orders at different times of the year.  If you need a hard ship date of your new belt, please contact us before ordering**

Price: $79.95
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